Grace Groups

Come. Connect. Serve.

Grace Groups (GG) are about doing life together, about life-on-life living. Grace Groups are about drinking coffee and talking with a friend. It’s about looking at how the Bible applies to work, family, recreation, and ultimately every area of our’s about getting to know a group of people much like yourself who deal with real life issues, and are willing to come beside you to pray and encourage.

Visit our 19 Sunday morning Grace Groups, where we're sure you can find a class that will provide a safe place for you to meet new friends and pursue God. Other Grace Groups meet off-campus throughout the week. 

New? Another great place to begin is Starting Point, which meets seasonally for 8 weeks in Room 200 at 9am for those curious about God, new to the faith, or coming back to church.  No questions are off-limits.  Join us! 

A good way to decide which Grace Group to join is to give one a try.  For questions, contact the names below or Grace Group Pastor, Dan Jackson, 419.289.8334 ext. 5233

9:00 am 10:30 am

Body Builders - Room 302
40s - 70s; Singles & Married
Call John Rowe 419.651.8535

Sky Watchers - Room 210
Teacher: Joe Maggelet
Call Renee Maggelet 567.203.9054
Call Tim Sinchok 419.606.0081

Galileans - Room 316
60s +
Call Jim Gale 419.289.8539

Truthseekers - Room 106
Late 50s +
Call Mike Cole 419.589.7205 or 419.565.7477

Skylighters - Room 105
60s +
Teacher: Bill Snoddy
Call Tim Workman 419.281.0223
Call Jan Howe 419.281.3821

Builders - Room 209
70s +
Teacher: Pastor Norm Johnson  419.606.0194

In His Steps - Room 313-314
Call Pattie Barone 419.869.7675

The Nest - Room 100
Couples and Singles over 45
Call Doug Shipper 419.606.2385  

Explorers - Room 106
Call Connie Cates 419.565.2057

Victory - Room 210
Intergenerational; Singles & Married
Call John Allison 419.496.1159
Call Brad Hendrickson 419.281.1125

Shepherds - Room 101-102
Call Tom/Pat Thomas 419.565.0838

All For ONE - Room 317
30s & 40s married with elementary/teens
Call Virlen Jarvis 330.466.0230

Ambassadors - Room 305
Intergenerational; Singles & Married
Call Neal Durfey 440.315.4212

Next Level - Room 302
20s - 40s
Call Fred Brown 419.651.3772

Carpenters - Room 318
50s - 60s; Married & Singles
Call Roger/Perri Snyder 419.289.8287

Lighthouse - Room 313
60s - 70s
Teachers: Dick Tucker & John McCourt
Call Ned Carman 419.962.4474

The Journey - Room 105
Married, 30s with children; Singles
Call Tim Eckstein 419.989.0696 or
Renee Eckstein 419.606.0917

Under Construction – Room 209
20s – 40s; Married
Call Mark/Heather Frazer 419.606.0512

Higher Ground - Room 316
30s - 40s with children
Call Dan and Julie Donatini at 419.651.9958

Upcoming Events

Sun, 07/30/2017 - 12:00pm to 12:45pm
Sat, 09/09/2017 - 9:00am to 3:30pm
Sun, 10/08/2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm