Ashland Grace is about one simple thing: Making disciples of all the nations! This is why missions exists at Grace. Our vision: to see everyone of us engaging our neighbors with the good news of Jesus.

Loving our Neighbors

Ashland Grace calls followers of Jesus to:

come to worship
connect in a group
serve on a team

We do this, because we understand this helps people develop as followers of Jesus. In 2016, we sent teams to:

Dominican Republic
New England

Visual reports from each of these Adventures can be viewed on the screen on the stone wall in the Missions Resource Area. If you are interested in knowing more about serving on an Ashland Grace Adventure, contact Kevin Smith at kdsmith404@yahoo.com

We also offer a weeknight opportunity for our international neighbors for language development. If you are interested in knowing more about working locally with internationals, contact Carl Key at partkey@zoominternet.net

Loving our Partners

Making disciples of all the nations is too big a task for us to accomplish alone. Our primary international partner is Encompass World Partners, with whom we work in many countries spread across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

If you are interested in knowing more about working with Encompass, contact John Ward at jward@encompassworld.org, or walk over to the workstation at the stone wall in the Missions Resource Area, and check out the opportunities with Encompass!

We also work with a number of other individuals and organizations, who help us to make disciples of all the nations. In North America, we have significant partnerships with GBCanada and SEEDnet, as well as with Grace Schools and CE National.

Locally, we work with several individuals and organizations. All of these partners can be viewed on the screen in the Missions Resource Area.

Contact information for all of our partners is listed by email below or in our weekly prayer resource, The Intercessor, which is available at kiosks in the Circle and the Main Street lobby. For information about what opportunities are available to serve in missions, please contact Dan Jackson djackson@ashlandgrace.org, Missions/Grace Groups Pastor.

Alfredo & Rita Abreu, Portugal, alfabreu@gmail.com       

Ted & Elise Adomanis, Canada, ted@assistcx.org  elise@assistcx.org

Mike & Michelle Beard, Southeast Asia

Dan & Tori Beaver, Philippines, beaverbalita_seasia@yahoo.com

Betsy Becker, Central Asia

Nathan & Jennifer Bryant, Canada, nathan@assistcx.org                          

Phil & Beth Bryant, Canada, philip@assistcx.org

Jason & Christy Carmean, Cameroon, jcarmean@encompassworld.orgccarmean@encompassworld.org

Wes & Nancy Collins, Latin & South America, wes_collins@sil.org

Dr. Augustin Hibaile, CAR, augustinhibaile@gmail.com

Dave & Becky Schwan, England, breezeplay1959@gmail.com

Bruce & Lisa Triplehorn, Brazil/Chad, 3horn@encompassworld.org

Brian & Rhonda Weaver, England, BWeaver@uccf.org.uk

Barb Wooler, Crisis Response Network, Encompass bwooler@encompassworld.org

Ron & Chery Boehm, Ohio, Midwest_ron@me.com

Joe & Esther Keim, Ashland, jkeim@mapministry.org

Joe & Renee Maggelet, Ashland, joerenee3@juno.com

Andy & Kim Shank, SeedNet, seednet_andy@yahoo.com

John & Kate Ward, Atlanta, jward@encompassworld.org

Nathan & Jena Wells, SEEDnet, seednet208@yahoo.com

Larry White, SEEDnet, Larrry1white@yahoo.com

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