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At Grace Church, we put an emphasis on living life together. One of the primary ways we do this is through our groups. Life is better connected!

Below you can find a list of our current Grace Groups. Whether you are looking for a traditional Sunday school group or something that meets during in the week in the community, we want to help you get connected.

Each group listed below includes a few pieces of information:

  • Day of the week
  • Time and Location
  • Size of the group: small (less than 14 people), medium (15-25), and large (26+)
  • Group Leader(s) and contact info
  • A description and relevant details 

Grace Group Directory


Sunday | 9:00 am

Led by: Reid & Terri Firestone Group Type: Large, Everyone Welcome

Location: Rooms 313-314

"314" is a Grace Group of primarily 55-65-year-olds led by Reid and Terri Firestone, a “pulpit-supply” pastor, who enjoys golfing, reading and traveling. We normally study a book of the Bible, but occasionally work through a book from a trusted, credible author.

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All 4 One

Sunday | 10:30 am

Led by: Virlen & Kim Jarvis Group Type: Couples, Small

Location: Room 317

We are a Grace group that consists mostly of married couples primarily 35-50 years old. Many of our children are in the elementary to high school age range. Our class teaching time is comprised of studying a book of the bible or a relevant topical study from scripture. Come serve with us!

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Sunday | 10:30 am

Led by: Rick & Cheryl Karnosh Group Type: Medium, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 305

Our group is a multi-generational blend of primarily 45-55-year-old adults and families that emphasizes Bible study, prayer, sharing, and social events. We are centered on the Word of God with the goal of producing a Biblical worldview and encouraging one another to be active in living out their faith.

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Body Builders

Sunday | 9:00 am

Led by: John Rowe Group Type: Large, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 302

Bodybuilders Grace Group consists of couples, men and women, as well as singles primarily 45 yrs and up. Emphasis on connecting through fellowship, prayer and Bible study (primarily video-driven, discussion-oriented with a variety of discussion leaders and class participation.

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Sunday | 10:30 am

Led by: Perri Snyder Group Type: Medium, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 318

Carpenters' Grace Group consists of primarily 55-65-year-olds praying for one another, exploring scripture together (led by different leaders), and wrestling with how to live in the grace of God.

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