Worship Arts

The whole of Christian life is worship. It is in the very nature of our hearts to be drawn to something that fills our time, energy, passion and devotion. For the Christian, that something should be Christ! It is our desire to proclaim the cross of Christ through songs that glorify the name of God and magnify His majesty and holiness.

Stylistically, the Ashland Grace Worship Arts team features a blend of modern worship styles with the intention of keeping one eye toward the future, and the other on celebrating some of the great hymns of the past that have stood the test of time both theologically and inspirationally. In addition to our regular worship ensemble, which typically features a combination of guitar, bass, drums, piano and synthesizers, we also feature a choir, small orchestra and vocal ensembles.

If you are interested in joining in as a Worship Singer or have questions, please contact Darla Plice [email protected] or call 567-203-2402.  You can serve as a full-time participant or on a limited basis. Practices are Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Upcoming Events

There are not any events at this time. Please check back soon.